Lupin Seed Heat Bag - White Spot Orange

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Having an Allergy is not nice - to have a choice of Lupin or Wheat heat bags will help people who are tired of taking pain relief tablets something more natural  to try :)

Lupin Seed Heat Bags are proudly handcrafted here in New Zealand

The natural cotton fabric absorbs moisture vapour, enhancing the comfort of the lupin bag.

Instructions for heating and cooling included


Great for relieving aches pains. 

  • Nice and quick to heat in the microwave
  • Freeze and use as a cold pack.
  • Suitable for all parts of the body. 
  • Odour Free
  • Lighter than wheat bags
  • Made from New Zealand Lupins
  • Allergy friendly for Coeliac's or anyone who is Gluten Sensitive
  • Lupin heat bags are much hotter for longer than wheat bags
  • Allergy Alert - do not use Lupin Seed heat bags if you are allergic to NUTS as they belong to the LEGUMES group - use my gorgeous wheat bags instead 
  • ​With so many benefits compared to Wheat Bags - Lupin Seeds to buy and make, are alot more expensive to produce

Approx. Dimensions = 46cm long x 14cm wide

Weight Approx. 830gms





NZ$28.00 NZ$16.00
Out of Stock
NZ$28.00 NZ$16.00
Out of Stock