The Story Behind the Business

A warm welcome to Natural Goddess everyone!  So, pleased you have found this neat website, with lots of beautiful, baby and womens natural products, DIY, recipes, and more. 

My name is Lynette and I am here in the beautiful Christchurch City. I have just recently purchased this business from the lovely Sarah White, where it all started back in about 2010, with Natural Bubba and then back in 2012, Natural Goddess evolved.

Written below is from Sarah White - her story, and the journey she took, to create these beautiful organic products: 

"It all started with Natural Bubba, after giving birth to my son and making my own organic bottom balm for him to prevent the dreaded nappy rash. After 9 months or so with fantastic results for my boy I started bottlimg this amazing product and sharing it with other mum's."

'When my son was born I developed eczema on my wrists and fingers and when my father died when my baby was nine months old the eczema became so bad I was embarrassed to go out. It was all over my arms, hands, fingers, chest and bottom. I tried everything the doctor prescribed and nothing helped longer than a couple of weeks and would often over time make it worse again. Finally after a year of intense itching, oozing and embrassment I thought I'd start applying the bum balm. Why I didn't think of this early I don't know. I am now ezcema free and I still apply a small amount of the bum balm on my hands and arms daily as this helps keep the ezcema from returning.'

'For the last eight plus years I had been an advicate user of so called 'natural' products on me and around the house, but when I had bad eczema I found these 'natural' products often still had ingredients in them that irratated my skin. I learnt about the wonders of beeswax and combining with different oils to create some amazing products and that you can have cleaning products that do a great job but are made from basic natural ingredients that we can all get our hands on (don't have to be chemists or scientists) such as essential oils, water, vinegar, baking soda etc.'

'I want to share with you the wonders of true 'natural' products, a lot of these are similar to what Great Gran used to use and so Natural Goddess was created.'

Thanks Sarah - I intend to continue with all of Sarah's natural organic products, and add new organic products in the near future.